Wednesday, 8 June 2011

my little cat dead'

assalamualaikum and hey.
mac - 9 / june/ 2011.

on a beautiful morning, I sweep in the middle of the garden.suddenly , my neighbor scream and and I kept running to see what happens.then the neighbor scream' heyy! your cat'. then i was shocked! that my cat is
under car.My grandfather did not intentionally .  then i try to remove the cat . suddenly ,

the cat bite my finger!. then i try  to remove the cat again . then  I lift my cat lies on the edge . then   I took it I tried to watch the cat still alive or dead .  the cat is dead.
 after that I called the mother  to watch the cat was already dead. after that, i and my mother planted the cat.
me and my mother was very sad.. : (

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